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Internet and Social Networking Applications

The moment you start using internet, your experience does not remain personal. It becomes social. Online interaction with people means that you are into building a social network by using internet. To put it simply, as the people you know increase, so does your social network grows in abundance.

Although, you have internet at your disposal, you must be having acquaintances living near your place. They can be friends, relatives, or other people sharing similar interests and preferences. Internet on the other hand gives you a unique opportunity whereby you come in interaction with people whom you have never met as they reside in other countries and states. This makes the interaction on the internet unique and altogether different.

The concept of social networking is not old as it took off few years back. However, social networking on the internet has grown largely. There are more than 200 sites dedicated to social networking purpose today. You can make friends, strike business deals, share photographs, indulge in dating, and relate with the people throughout the world.
Some of the most popular social networking sites are Friendster, MySpace, Facebook, Linkedln, & Orkut. With the advent of internet technology, it has become easier for you to build a solid social networking but there are some points you must note before going in building your social network. Always make sure that you do give your personal information correct, as there are many people looking for exploiting your information for their gains. For example, after getting your personal information, they can cheat you. Therefore, it is advisable to be cautious so that you do not get into any kind of online trap.